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What we do

Care Groups

Oasis uses the Care group model to address health issues. The Field Officer trains a group of 12 facilitators on water sanitation and health issues. Each then trains 12 Mother leaders who will then replicate the training to 10-12 neighbours in their communities. In these Care groups women are taught about hygiene and sanitation, ways of preventing diseases like cholera and diarrhoea, what to do in cases of outbreak of communicable diseases. Human rights issues are also discussed mainly abuse and domestic violence.

Field officer and Care group facilitators

Savings Group

Oasis’s field officers mobilise people to join and participate in Savings group. In these groups, people are taught on how to use money wisely, how to save money and business plans. Each person save according to his/her ability. Oasis has developed a manual, which instructs women on how to set aside mandatory and voluntary savings, use simple math to track the growth of savings; learn responsible lending, and borrowing; study basic bookkeeping principles that enable the group to function self-sufficiently; and gain insight into sound entrepreneurship.  People within groups and communities who will be in need of money will then come to these savings groups and borrow money with a 10% interest rate for group members, 20% interest for non-members. Money is saved in cycles of 6-12 months depending on what the group prefers. At the end, money is shared rationally depending on the way one was saving. The savings group have emerged to be a major source of income for many families in Manga Loforte community. Participants testify that, the groups have helped them able to manage the little they have and be able to have a good life. Others have managed to send their children to school, which they could not do before.

Adult Literacy

Education opportunity is given to willing adults who did not have a chance of going to school. Oasis use the REFLECT model for teaching adults.


In the youths program topical issues are discussed with youths in schools and communities. Major topics include Sexual reproductive health rights, youth citizenship and rights, HIV/AIDS, youth leadership, pre-marital sex and child marriages.

Early Childhood Learning

Oasis Mozambique also focus on early learning, as the foundation of children have impact/influence greatly on who and what they become in the future. We have a pre-school in Ngupa community where early learning and development is provided to children between ages of 3-5 years. Most of these children are underprivileged and their families cannot afford to pay for their fees.  We provide kids with one meal per day as a way of addressing the issue of malnutrition.

Commercial Agriculture

In 2016, Oasis Mozambique started Commercial Agriculture. This is whereby women are taught to grow vegetables for sale as another livelihood strategy.


Oasis have a canteen at the Catholic University Medical campus as a way of social enterprise. We also provide trainings on savings groups to interested organizations and people.