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Manga Hub – Oasis Savings Groups

Manga Hub – Oasis Savings Groups

Manga Hub – Oasis Savings Groups

Abdul Mariano and Amélia Breu are spiritual leaders, community leaders and Oasis change agents in Matongolo/Marocanhe Community within Manga Loforte Hub. As Oasis change agents, they mobilized their community members to attend health awareness training and small business training conducted by the Ministry of Labour for our Oasis Savings Groups. Oasis used the local mosque facilities for these trainings in our community.

Abdul and Amélia are part of the 503 community members trained in small business skills through Oasis in the last quarter, of which78 of the students received their certificates from the Minister of Labour, Vitoria D. Diogo. The prevailing socio-economic challenges in the Manga community make poor women vulnerable to Gender Based Violence (GBV) and HIV/AIDS. To ensure that HIV and GBV prevention and interventions address all the needs of the vulnerable women, Oasis strengthen their economic potential and legal knowledge by ensuring that they attain functional skills and resources needed to be self-sufficient, fully aspirational about their futures and can contribute and participate as equal members of society. 3,000,000Mts (£37,500) has been saved by 94 Oasis Savings Groups.

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